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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of use for Nails r Us online

Nails r Us online is a service site for clients and other interested people.

At you can:

  • Be a visitor and just have access to the public section of the website.
  • Be a member and enjoy a variety of advantages:

1) View price List

2) Leave comments;

3) Access to specials promotion and printing vouchers;

4) Receive our newsletter so that you will be informed about any of the special for Nails r Us and a variety of our associated salons: Odyssey Nails Hair & Beauty, Melbourne Institute of Nails & beauty, Odyssey Nails, Hollywood Nails, Diamond Nails, Le Nails.

5) You can access to our community online by creating your profile. (community on line will be enriched over the time);

6) You can keep in touch using social media such as Facebook and Tweeter;

7) You can have access to our booking online service.

In order to do so you need to be a member of our Nails r Us online and actively participate of check for updates of our service.

The site services are always evolving and change in order for us to give you the opportunity to enjoy a more satisfying on line experience.

The Website has been designed, programmed and optimized by Fabrizio Scarfone. You can always talk to him in any event you are not satisfied or you can send him an e mail. However, being his profession not as a webmaster or web-developer or neither web-designer, we thank him since he has done a marvelous job for someone that is not a "professional' in the field. This means that we ask the client to be patient for any imperfection they might experience on nails r us website.

By registering on Nails r Us Website you agree:

With this registration you agree to:

1) Receive our e mails and newsletters with loads of specials and advantages for you. We only send e mails if requested or if we have some special or advantage to offer to our clients;

2) To use the website not to spam, posting any rude or defamatory comment;

3) to use the website for what it can offer you not for what you want to sell;

Nails r Us  Rights and Responsibilities

We reserve the right to:

  • Refuse, reject and terminate any member or ban any e mail or domain at any time without notice for any reason and are under no obligation to provide reason
  • Remove information which is political, racist, unlawful, threatening, abusive, indecent, pornographic or defamatory
  • Modify or discontinue any service offered via  at any time for any reason
  • Provide information contained in any directory in other formats, i.e. publications and online newsletters.
  • Amend the Terms and Conditions at our discretion. We recommend you revise the Terms and Conditions regularly.

Nails r Us does not endorse or represent the views of users who commented on the website

Registered Users

All registered users must:

  • Ensure the information provided is current and accurate in order to receive the benefit that the website offers.

Registered users must not use to:

  • Display unsolicited, fraudulent or deceptive information
  • Post information which includes but is not limited to intimidating or harassing statements or such which may lead to civil or criminal action
  • Post information or multimedia files which are pornographic, obscene, indecent or
  • Encourage acts which constitute a criminal offence or civil liability
  • Post information or material which may contain viruses or other malicious programs and cause harm to user's access and the general operation of

Email Notifications

We will endeavor to ensure all registered users are notified of any modifications, approved or declined registrations.

Processes are implemented to ensure all registered users and web builders are aware of the terms and conditions and their obligations for using

Nails R us will not be held liable for any loss, damage caused when accessing 

The site is intended for service promotion only.

By registering details in the portal, you are bound by conditions and obligations outlined in Terms and Conditions.

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