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Spa Pedicure


A Spa pedicure is an amazing treatment, maybe the most relaxing one. The technician will work on your toenails all the way up to your knees. These type of treatments must be part of  your beauty and well being routine and they are a well-deserved pampering, but also essential for getting your toes and heels looking good and healthy.

The treatments  include a massage to relieve exhausted feet and is a divine way for some rest and relaxation after standing on your feet all day.

If you suffer from calluses having regular pedicures prevent callus build-up! You can choose shaving of your heel or the use of our new callus remover lotion.

While the lotion is certainly more gentle and guaranteed smooth and silky heels, shaving is a more invasive technique that must be used with care and professionally. At Nails r Us we do use blade to shave your heels when requested, but unsubtly we prefer to use the lotion

Our new Pedi Spa whirlpool will soothe your neglected feet while your ankles and toes are massaged by therapeutically positioned water jets. Sit back and relax in the chair while you experience a full body massage, using the remote control to direct the depth and variety of massage modes. Enjoy the experience of being pampered.

Different type of pedicure are available and they carry with them different charges since the service will be completely different. NOT ALL PEDICURE ARE THE SAME!

Pedicure Services

  • Shape, Buff & Polish
  • Shape, Buff & French Polish
  • Deluxe Spa Pedicure:  Awaken your hot, tried feet with this wonderful treat. Soak, Shape, cuticle works and exfoliate followed by a leg & foot deep tissue massage and cooling mask that leaves your feet fresh for days, topped off with a buff and polish. All enjoyed with your own remote controlled selection of vibrating, rolling or Shiatsu massage.
  • Spa Rejuvenating Deluxe Pedicure: The ultimate re-hydrating foot therapy ever imagined. Together with all the essentials, experience a leg and foot deep tissue massage followed by a smother of paraffin mask enriched with vitamin E to nourish your skin to the fullest. Finish off with polish of your choice. Experience smooth and soothed feet for days! Paraffin Foot Mask Exfoliate and bathe your feet in a luxurious hot paraffin mask, enriched with vitamin E, hydrating your skin leaving a smooth, silky finish.


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