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Acrylic Nails Services

Acrylic nails

Acrylic nails are the most common artificial nail extension used on the planet since they are quite durable and they adhere to the natural nails like they were your own. Building acrylic nails has became an art - especially if combined with all the form of nail art available. At Nails r Us we are masters of the trade, with almost half a century experience between all of us. The designs available at Nails r Us make the nails look astonishing and personal, giving a glamorous touch to your hands. 

You might think that acrylic nail enhancements are a new emerging trend of the last two decades. However, nails extension were available for centuries. For example, Egyptians were the first to introduce artificial nails extension. In their culture long nails were considered a symbol of wealth as well as a matter of exquisite fashion. Ancient Egyptian are notoriously known to be the pioneer in many aspect of the cosmetic industry, not second to make up.

In the modern times, acrylic nails are requested for many different reasons besides the mere fashion factor: People who have brittle and weak nails may require  the application of acrylic nails as they are made of resilient material and will help the natural nails not to snap. Moreover, those who are tied up in the habit of biting nails also may want acrylic nail extensions because they are hard to chew off. Acrylic nails are also the best solution, more than gel nail extensions, or those who want long nails and are can't to grow their natural ones. But more than any other consideration, acrylics are a matter of fashion. They can be combined with glitters, nail art, 3D nail art and much more to give the client an unique and personalized effect.

Long nails are absolutely alluring. They are an ideal element for a wedding, party, or special occasion. However, many women wear them every day on regular basis as part of their fashion routine. 

Acrylic Nails Care

Besides all the nail art that can be done on the extension, Josephine, nail technician for 25 years suggests some tips to take care of acrylic nail extension. One of the worst enemy of nail extension is water. Below are a few tip on how to take care of your nail extension.

Acrylic nails, water and fungal infection

One of the major issue for acrylic nails and in general for any kind of enhancement is water entrapped between the nail plate and the extension itself since it might cause fungal infection. It is a good idea to wear rubber gloves anytime you might came in contact with water. However, it is unthinkable to wear gloves while you are showering. To this regard and to safeguard the health of your nail extensions you must choose the right technician with the appropiate qualifications. In the end it is up to the technician to seal the extensions properly in order to minimise the chances of fungal infection. Choosing the right nail technician means also that they must have the right sanitizing procedure in place.

Reduce the chances of a fungal infection by choosing Nails r Us

At Nails r Us we sanitize our implements after every client. Implement such as buffer and file are sanitized with alcohol solution used in hospitals and let them dry before they are used on the next client. Nippers, scissors, cuticle pushers are washed with soapy water, sanitized with alcohol solution and rested in container that are pre washed and sanitized.

How Acrylic nails are built?

Acrylic Nails are built with the correct ratio of a specific powder and acrylic liquid mixed together. The liquid used can contain different percentages of mailnly two chemicals: Ethyl Methacrylate, also known as EMA and Methyl Methacrylate (MMA). The safest and far highest quality of nail extension can be only achieved by using EMA. MMA is far the cheapest option since it is used in panel beating and dentistry and it is not specifically design for cosmetic purposes or to come in contact with your skin. MMA is also dangerous for the operator that can have some health issue due to overexposure to the substance.  Acrylic nails built with EMA  are relatively flexible and longer lasting as compared to those made by MMA. .


We do not Use Methyl Methacrylate.

One of the most controversial topics in the professional beauty industry and specifically in the nails industry, involves the monomer liquid called MMA or methyl methacrylate, in particular by salons with Asian staff.  Unfortunately, not many people from the public or even amongst so called "professional"  understand the issue and its implications.  This lack of proper information opens  up to speculation and rumors.

Some acrylic liquids contain a product called MMA (Methyl Methacrylate). This product is classified as a poison and is more damaging than EMA (Ethyl Methacrylate) which is what we use here at Nails r Us.

One issue that is specifically discuss amongst professionals is the fact that MMA is illegal. Those professionals do not understand what does illegal means , in the first place and they have not bothered to do some research on the issue.

Firstly if the chemical was illegal or banned, it could not be used in dentistry. For example DTT was declared dangerous and banned in the sixties. We did not use anymore no matter what it was used for. Here are some facts.

The American Beauty Association, Nail Manufacturers Council noted:

The Nail Manufacturers Council wants you to be informed about the potential dangers related to the use of MMA. We agree with the FDA that the use of liquid nail enhancement products containing MMA is unsafe and unwise. ”

Again the Methacrylate Producers Association (MPA) in America recommended:

MPA members have for many years recommended that methacrylic acid and its esters in their unrelated monomeric liquid form not be used in cosmetics.

Why you should avoid MMA?

MMA can cause many problems through prolonged exposure such as:

  • Low or acute oral toxicity
  • Respiratory irritant (the mask that we use protect from the dust and not from the fumes. In some shop they believe it protects from the fumes but they should wear a prober carbon filtering mask for the purpose of avoiding inhalation of the fumes produce by MMA)
  • In low doses result toxic if absorbed by inhalation or through the skin
  • Severe dermal irritant: That's the reason why client's nails became weak and sometimes client's develop an intolerance to the chemical so they think they are intolerant to acrylic.
  • Mild eye irritant
  • Because of it's strength it is not flexible and can literally lift the natural nail off the nail bed.

The Australian authority have endorsed the issue and they says:


The risks of respiratory irritation and skin sensitization are higher for MMA than EMA. The threshold for respiratory irritation is lower for MMA than for EMA, and the higher vapor pressure of MMA meant that the threshold concentration will be more rapidly attained in the absence of efficient ventilation.[1]

How to tell if your acrylic liquid contains MMA:

  • It takes a very long time to soak them off.

  • Cloudy or milky color.

  • Liquid containing MMA smells different and much stronger compared with liquid containing EMA. Odor is present during application and when filing.

  • Methyl Methacrylate tend to go yellow over a short period of time.

  • Extremely low price. 

We remove your acrylic enhancements by soaking them off... we do not drill or rip them off!

At Nails r Us we do soak acrylic nails off and we use all the care to remove them in order to minimise the damage to your natural nails.

To take off acrylic nails, proper care should be adapted to not to damage the natural nails.

  • We start with cutting your enhancements so it will be easier to soak them off.

  • Remove the nail polish with acetone.

  • Gently manual file off the acrylic from your nail plate. Filing will help the acetone to react sooner with the acrylic.

  • Soak the nails in a bowl full of acetone. To speed up the process we immerse the acetone bowl into a larger one where we place warm water.  We cover your hands while they soaking with a clean towel so that you do not inhale the fumes produced by the evaporating Acetone.

  • Then we will remove the excess acrylic that, at this stage, is just jelly, carefully and slowly. When done wash your hands thoroughly.

  • Once at home, apply olive oil on your hands to fight the effect of Acetone on your fingers.

Time is of essential, so that you need to allow 30 minute for a proper soak off.  If your nail technician uses a different method, you will be in pain. Is it worth it?

We re-balance and refill your acrylic nails rather then start all over: in the long run is better for your pocket.

Natural nails do not stop growing and therefore must be maintained according to a proper schedule. The schedule depends on how fast your nails grow. Generally you need a refill every 2 to 3 weeks. Some people's enhancement can last up to 4 weeks.

French look Acrylics must be rebalanced not soaked off and replaced with a new set. This will save you money in the long run. 

If you do not want acrylic nails you might consider UV Gel Nail Enhancements or the revolutionary new Prescription Nails.



[1] Department of Health Ageing Therapeutic Goods Administrations,  National Drugs and Poisons Schedule Committee Record of Reasons of Meeting 48 – October 2006, 83.

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