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It could be a daunting and time consuming exercise to to to keep up to date with the nails and beauty industry. Here Nails r Us put together some news for you to read. We hope you will enjoy it. We hope you visit our website often.

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  • The Princess and the Pedi: This Is What $1,500 Gets You

    When I heard the man in Dubai who gives pedicures to royal families and sheiks - charging $1,500 for the pleasure - was coming to Australia, we absolutely had to meet him. "$1,500?! Does the foot come smothered in diamonds?" I wondered.

    With that thought ringing in my head I went into the city to see Bastien Gonzalez, the ambassador for Scholl's new Velvet Smooth Wet & Dry Foot File ($59.99). Much to my relief I was met with a sweet gentleman with a French accent who didn't seem to mind at all that the restaurant we were meeting at wasn't yet open and we had to sit on a bench outside to chat. first thing's first, I had to ask about the pricetag. Bastien explained that $1,500 is his day rate, and a single pedicure at one of his salons actually costs around the $200 mark.

    Still a hefty amount for a pedi, Bastien was keen for me to understand that his treatments are far more than just a fresh lick of polish. "It's what I like to call a true pedicure, with the pure definition of the luxury aspect – quality and service." He explained he had a client, an Arabic princess no less, that loved his treatments so much she would fly him anywhere in the world so he could treat her feet wherever she was. "For her, I became a magician, and so I was checking on her feet every month!"

    So what makes a true pedicure different? We got Bastien to explain what distinguishes his treatments, and what you should expect from your own.

    1. Think Of It Like a Foot Facial
      OK, sounds totally weird, but the skin on your feet should be pampered just like the rest of your skin is. "What I do is a true 'pedi' 'cure'," explained Bastien. "It's a treatment for the feet, not just painting the nails."
    2. High Heels Don't Have to Be the Enemy
      "Food is bad for your teeth, you just brush and floss them afterwards," says Bastien. "The same goes for when you're wearing heels, I'm not against them, you just need to care for your feet properly after you wear them."
    3. The Three-Step Treatment
      To get the proper pedicure treatment Bastien explained you need to cure the nails, cure the skin and cure the foot's mobility. He and his team use diamond and pearl infused files to buff the nails and increase blood circulation under the nail bed. The skin is then moisturised up the knee. To finish, they then give a deep foot and leg massage. "It's like fluffing the pillows, you should do it every night to help plump up the fatty cushions on your feet," Bastien explained.
    4. Give Your Nails a Break
      "Nails are dead, but they need to be supple and strong, and this is a problem when people use too much varnish." Bastien says we should think about nail polish the same way we do makeup. "In between wearing makeup, you put cream, you moisturise your skin, you work on the elasticity . . . that's what I'm expecting you to do with your nails." He recommends taking off your polish and giving them some TLC every couple of days and using an oil every night to help nourish the nails and skin.
    5. Massage Is Your Best Friend
      The key to beautiful feet? Bastien says it's all about daily massage as it keeps the circulation flowing and gets oxygenated blood to your extremities. "Have a foot massage every night! I say to young girls, the day they get married they should put it in the contract: 'Darling, you have to give me a foot massage every night'! It should only about 20 seconds on each foot, and it's the best thing you can do."

    After learning what goes into a full foot-care experience I had to admit I thought, if I gladly fork out $150-$200 for a pair of shoes or a facial, surely my feet deserve a proper pedicure service too? Bastien definitely thinks so, and so does the princess.

  • These Are the Best Manicures From the Oscars Red Carpet

    Many celebrities take award shows as an opportunity to flaunt gorgeous jewels, but the real bling is on their nails! From gem-encrusted nail art to classic nude manicures, we're rounding up the most fabulous fingers on this year's red carpets. Read on to see them in all their glory.

  • Fall Manicure Trends You Need to Nail Right Now

    In the past weeks, the beauty experts behind New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week debuted nail looks ranging from vampy, dark hues and sheer nudes to minimalistic nail art. As Fashion Month marches on, we eagerly await what modern beauty trends the European designers will whip up for us. Be sure to check out the looks from London to Milan, including the fire-engine red tips at Ryan Lo. Read on!

  • The Pom-Pom Nail Art Trend Will Give You a Warm and Fuzzy Feeling

    We almost thought we had seen it all when it came to nail art. Furry fingertips had everyone buzzing post-NYFW, and sweater manicures also have been hot recently. Both fads were pretty unusual (albeit quite cute). But then Korean women - who are at the forefront of every beauty trend - introduced us to pom-pom nails.

    It's exactly what it sounds like: fuzzy or furry pom-poms of any size are glued directly on to the nail's surface. Try a large one for an accent nail or cluster a few tiny ones on each talon for a plush, precious manicure.

    While this trend doesn't seem particularly functional (what happens when the pom-pom gets wet?), it's definitely adorable and worth trying - at least for one night. Try using faux nails as the foundation for your manicure masterpiece. That way, you can remove your art at the end of the evening and save it to wear another time. Read on to see some cute examples of the style and get inspired!

  • 9 of the Smartest Nail Hacks You've Never Heard Before

    For the nail art obsessed among us, Fashion Week is prime time to steal new inspiration from the runways. But, it's also a great time for learning new tips and tricks for achieving the DIY nail art of our dreams - from something as subtle as an inverted French to something more intense, like hand-drawn animals.

    We went backstage to learn all of the secrets from some of the best manicurists in the business this Fall 2016 season, and are sharing them all with you. Up your nail art game with these hacks from the pros.

  • Inside My Hilarious, Surreal 5 Minutes Interviewing Kylie Jenner

    "PIZZAAAAAAAAAA," Kylie Jenner clamoured as I entered the green room of a swanky New York City hotel.

    This was not the first word I expected my beauty idol to say when I met her. The 18-year-old was slouched in her wicker chair, as her nude, backless sequin gown sparkled in a pool around her. A bevy of publicists, pals, and cameramen bustled about, tending to her every need and documenting every moment.

    I stood there, trying not to look slack-jawed or starstruck.

    "Pizza! 8:30. It's going down," the reality princess announced resolutely.

    Whether this was meant for her squad of managers (sans momager Kris Jenner) or her friends - Jordyn Woods and Harry Hudson - was unclear. As her publicists debated whether or not Chipotle was a safe option for a snack, Kylie decided to order food from the hotel. "A cheeseburger. Just ketchup and cheese," she declared. ". . . And pizza on the side."

    I was there to interview Kylie about her upcoming nail lacquer collection with SinfulColors, a brand known for selling ultra-trendy shades at an affordable price. The King Kylie Sinful Shine collection was designed to be a UV-free gel polish alternative. While this is not Kylie's first beauty venture, we predict it will be one of her most successful ones. Kylie has collaborated with skincare line Nip+Fab and hair extension collection Bellami and has launched her own lip colours late last year, but King Kylie Sinful Shine is the most accessible of her products (due to their attainable price point of $4.95). And when you have over 51 million followers on Instagram alone, accessibility is important.

    She is arguably the most impactful celebrity when it comes to millennial beauty culture, and a big component of that success stems from the fact that Kylie seems to share every aspect of her life on social media. Videos of the star getting her hair cut on Snapchat sends followers into a frenzy. As soon as she hints that her Lip Kits are being restocked, they sell out in a matter of minutes. Her fans obsess over and strive to duplicate even the smallest steps in her beauty routine. I am one of those fans.

    I keep up with the Kardashians just to catch a glimpse of her, I plumped my pucker to see if I could duplicate her look (bruising myself in the process), and I've spent my hard-earned money on her Lip Kits. So naturally, I got up an extra hour early to cover my face with contouring cream, thick false lashes, and eyebrow gel in anticipation of meeting her. And of course, I slicked on Posie K Lip Kit.

    Because I myself am 27 and she has reached this level of beauty notoriety, it's easy for me to forget that behind this flawless persona is an 18-year-old girl, albeit a stunningly beautiful one. Once her cheeseburger order had been handled, I was beckoned forward to sit beside her. Kylie's skin appeared satiny smooth, her teeth impossibly white, and her famous lips larger than life. Her attention, however, was on mine.

    "What are you wearing right now?" she asked, gesturing to my lipstick. When I divulged that it was her own product, she lit up. "I love it - she's wearing Posie!" she shouted to her team, and they cheered. "I knew it. I could tell," Kylie insisted.

    She then looked out to the balcony. From where we were seated, we had a breathtaking view of Midtown Manhattan. It was obvious that the stormy sky was going to give way to a remarkable sunset.

    "You guys, the sky! I need to go outside," she exclaimed, almost to herself. "This is, like, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

    Kylie turned back to me and started talking about the names she gave each polish (including Koko-Nuts, a shimmery white shade named after Khloé Kardashian). But soon she was distracted again by the breathtaking pink sky. "Harry!" she called, as she stood up and ran outside.

    "Don't fall!" pleaded her publicists as she tottered across the balcony in her neutral-coloured stilettos - her entourage trailing close behind.

    Source: Instagram user kyliejenner

    It was at this moment that I witnessed what it must be like behind the scenes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. It was a completely surreal setting: no fewer than five people - photographers, friends, and more - ran outside with Kylie as she posed, arms open like Kate Winslet in the iconic Titanic posters. Pink and gold lighting bounced off her face, her glimmering gown, and the city skyline. They snapped photos for a few minutes, which is when Kylie noticed me watching her on the balcony. Her expression sobered a bit, and she trotted back in, shivering.

    Though she was obviously cold, her lips betrayed an impish, devious grin as she looked from team member to team member. It seemed as if she was waiting for someone to scold her a bit, but the only remarks were about how Kylie must be freezing. She sat down next to me, and a stylist came over to fix her windblown mane. "Your hair looks great," reassured a publicist, and heat lamps came on to warm Kylie up. I perspired in my thick sweater.

    Sure, while having a crew is beyond the norm, it was not uncommon typical teenager behaviour. (Or just millennial behaviour: who hasn't stopped everything in order to take a photo of brunch before it's demolished?) She would later explain that she needed to take those shots for social media. "I just like to post . . . life and views." A lone image of that once-in-a-lifetime sunset, absent of Kylie, would later be posted to her Snapchat.

    Conversation turned back to beauty. Though she remained mum on what would be next from Kylie Cosmetics, she divulged that she's especially interested in expanding to include foundations, naming Armani Face Fabric ($84) and Charlotte Tilbury's formula ($70) as two of her favourites.

    I then caught a glimpse of her hands, which Kylie had been arranging and rearranging in her lap. Her fingers were studded with stacks of rings, but I focused on her nails. They were painted with three shades from her collection - the aforementioned Koko-Nuts as the base colour, with accents of rose gold Kreme de la Kreme and turquoise Kryptonite in a subtle take on a half moon design. But more notably, she was wearing her own nails in an elegant rounded shape instead of the acrylics, which she is known for.

    "I just realised that long nails are so scary, and then I just cut them off," she explained. "They just really freaked me and Jordyn out. We were just looking at them one day, and they were so long. [We were, like,] 'This is so weird. Why do people do this? Why do people, like, add to their nails?'"

    Before being ushered out, I posed for a selfie with Kylie, who took charge of the camera. She began snapping away, changing the angle of her chin and the degree of her smile. I was completely unprepared for nearly all of these shots but was delighted to have a souvenir of my time with her.

    Shaking slightly, thanks to the adrenaline rush of having met Kylie, I went straight to the bar. Pink cocktails with Pop Rocks-covered rims floated by, but I opted for a glass of Champagne. "Excuse me," said one of the cameramen from the green room. "Would you be interested in possibly being on Keeping Up With the Kardashians?" He handed me a release form to sign.

    Keeping my cool, I accepted the pen and added my signature without even reading it. (It was my chance at fame, after all!) "If you make it, the episode should air this Spring," he explained. I nodded, barely registering this remark as an enormous nail- polish-bottle-shaped cake was carried past me. As lavish and exciting as this all was, it made me think about how strictly structured Kylie's life must be.

    If her schedule is close to what it seems like from a fan's perspective, she is constantly flying around the world, stripping down and getting glam for photo shoots, meeting with beauty and fashion executives, and filming for her app. It may seem glamorous on the surface, but it must also be exhausting.

    When I was 18, I was in college studying, rehearsing for my music degree, and sneaking sips of Smirnoff Ice drinks. During my magical five minutes with Kylie, I inquired what she does to decompress, and she responded, "Just be with my friends, and hang out . . . Have friend time, and be 18." That made me a little sad. It's very cool that she has the luxury of being able to bring her friends with her when she's working, but I can imagine that the ultimate luxury for her is doing nothing with them at home.

    I am still a big Kylie fan after meeting with her. I admire her dedication to beauty, her brands, and her lifestyle. But above all, I hope that she can find the time during the last of her teenage years to enjoy her youth. She once told reporters that she fears her next birthday and doesn't want to get older than 18. While I wouldn't wish to be that age ever again (your mid-20s are so much better!), I do miss the days of having few responsibilities. And if I were Kylie, I'd acknowledge those days are already scarce - and revel in them, ordering cheeseburgers with pizza on the side while I could.

  • These Alice in Wonderland-Inspired Nails Took 900 Hours to Create!

    All the presentations at New York Fashion Week are works of art, but every season, I look forward to the beauty masterpieces from one show in particular: The Blonds. Partners and design team Phillipe and David Blond have outfitted the likes of Ariana Grande and Beyoncé with sparkle-encrusted, divalicious fashion creations. They've been inspired by Clockwork Orange, Egyptology, and "gangsta genies" for past collections.

    If that doesn't have you hooked already, then you need to know that they also see nail art as an important part of translating their vision to the public. "The nails are an integral part of our overall story," Phillipe has said. It makes sense, then, that they always partner with CND when presenting each collection.

    In addition to its groundbreaking longwear Shellac nail colour formula, CND is known for its highly talented team of technicians. Many are award-winning artists (some of which have been on the reality show Nail'd It!) who literally create something out of nothing - they use acrylic powder to sculpt working sarcophagi and scarab beetles from scratch. The way the finished nail art plays off each piece on the runway is truly a thing of majesty. "It's quite amazing when you get artists together collaborating," said Jan Arnold, CND co-founder and style director.

    For the Fall 2016 collection, femininity was placed in the spotlight with a variety of pink, red, and lace nails - but these are obviously not your average manicures. The 22 sets of nails took a team of 12 artists 900 hours to create. The Blonds' inspiration came from a hybrid of 1950s Hollywood glamour and the Alice in Wonderland animated movie.

    "The show starts off with a young ingenue with stars in her eyes, dreaming about the fantasy of her future," explained Arnold. Flamingo-leg fingertips, sparkly star-printed talons, and designs dripping with crystals. There are even edible, "Eat Me"-printed cookies on some claws.

    Then our ingenue falls into the rabbit hole, where things get a little trippy with marijuana designs and eerie-yet-elegant flowers. The show closes with the realisation that "everything is possible," which translated into bloody, rose-thorn-inspired talons (made with lacquer and sparkling foil) and sets of lip nails that magically puffed smoke on the runway!

    While it may sound difficult to pick a favourite design from all of these creations, my favourite was the White Rabbit nail, which the CND team affectionately nicknamed Harriet. Harriet was created from CND Liquid and Powder (a product for sculpting acrylic nails) and sported a little crown on her head. She even had real whiskers and eyelashes, and the notes coming from her trumpet were pulled from the actual sheet music from Alice in Wonderland! Read on to see a quick behind-the-scenes video, and then see all the designs. Prepare to be totally blown away.

  • Kylie Jenner's New Nail Polish Collection Is Going to Be Epic

    After the wild success of her lip kits, it makes sense that Kylie Jenner would expand her beauty empire to other products. Last year, she shared with her fans that she plans to launch a full makeup line in 2016, and she's already making her dreams come true. WWD announced that the star has partnered with affordable polish line SinfulColors to launch King Kylie SinfulShine, a series of three limited-edition collections. You'll be able to shop the first wave of products in early March!

    In addition to her plush pucker, Kylie is known for her tantalising talons, making this the logical next step in expanding her beauty empire. King Kylie SinfulShine is a two-step system (colour and topcoat) that mimics the look of gel lacquer. The first launch features 20 shades, and each bottle will cost a mere US$3, so it will be accessible for Kylie's fans to snap up multiple hues.

    This is not the teen entrepreneur's first collaboration. She is also the celebrity ambassador of skin care line Nip + Fab, and she recently teamed up with sister Kendall for a fashion line. Keep checking back for more news about Kylie's nail polish collaboration with SinfulColors!

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