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Our Values

nails r us nail art

Our business values are not just significant for us to look good, but they are pivotal in any of our day to day operations, assuring the overall success of our salons. Unfortunately all this value must be shared by our staff; it takes time before they will apprehend our values and sometimes they never do. It is like a child who is always taught that study is important and then they will believe, for various reason that they can live without it. There is no doubt about that, but wouldn’t it impact the quality of that child’s work or on the quality of our nails technician and beauty therapist?

We are not always successful in achieving our beliefs and values, but we live by them day in and day out. We hope that the difference between us and the rest of the industry will be evident to clients.

 Here are Nails r Us values and belief:

  • Having a passion for fresh, delightful  perfect nails in all form, shapes and color.
  • Creating delight with every one of our customers. We certainty try hard to achieve this point since without our customers we would not have a business. It is not always possible to achieve the perfection that we strive for personally since it takes a lot of time to be trained and sometimes they leave us.
  • Promoting openness between all Nails r Us stakeholders.
  • Developing and helping novices to the nails and beauty industry to find their own pathway.
  • Ensuring all employees activity sells more and better services.
  • Promoting new services and products in the beauty industry.

 Within the above mentioned company value we added more: Nails r Us guarantee

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